Land Owners


Make Money through Leasing Your Land

Do you own property in a rural area of Central Texas?

Do you own commercial real estate?

Do you have property with highway or road frontage?

Half Off Fireworks LLC is always on the look-out for new areas to setup stands and your land could be the next prime location for a Half Off Fireworks stand. The property sizes we need vary but require a minimum of 250′ by 250′.

Half Off Fireworks LLC is a Texas family owned and operated company with an outstanding reputation for products.
Let us show you how to dramatically increase the number of new and repeat customers to your business.

When a Half Off Fireworks LLC Fireworks Stand is on your property, we provide:

  • Stands designed to attract fireworks buyers, increasing customers to your location.

  • Aggressive advertising, and social media campaign to increase traffic to your location.

  • General Liability Insurance.

  • “Hold Harmless” clause in lease agreement

  • Professional managers who work with property owners or managers to ensure special needs and requests are met.

  • Lease payments in advance of each selling season

  • Maintenance of leased property, during selling seasons, which include mowing at least two times per year and more where needed. Also includes clean-up of trash and debris after each selling season

  • Option to restrict the discharge of fireworks on leased property

For more information about earning money for leasing your property, and attracting customers to your business give us a call (512) 721-2411 Or Email HalfOff land lease

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