About US
 Half Off Fireworks was established as a Texas company in 2005 to provide great fireworks at discount prices. In order keep our prices as low as possible, Half Off Fireworks sells over the Internet and at our store. As an online business, we do several things to keep our costs low. We use drop shippers to pack and ship fireworks from rural locations inside Texas. Our customer service is handled in Texas. Like most fireworks stores, ninety-five percent of our business occurs between June 24th to July 4th and December 20th to January 1st. While we would prefer to sell American made fireworks, overzealous regulation of the fireworks industry by individual States has pretty much eliminated most American fireworks manufacturers. The American manufacturers that remain are either focused on manufacturing commercial display fireworks (professional fireworks), or they are relegated to producing sparklers and novelties. The remainder of consumer fireworks, including cakes, rockets, roman candles, fountains, firecrackers, and other items are made in China and imported to the United States. In addition to selling consumer fireworks, most of us at Half Off Fireworks shoot fireworks ourselves, especially around the Fourth of July!